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Okay...lets not get too excited.

Well, since this is a Timmy community, all of us are mostly open minded. I hope.
I wrote a little tiny itty bitty story that was inspired by the recent "porn movie with Tim" comment that Johnny made. Enjoy it!

Title: Oddly Tim
Words: 222
Notes: I wrote this in about 5-10 minutes. no joke. forgive me if it's bad. It was very spur of the moment.

Johnny sat reading a Stephen King novel, minding his own business, when his cell phone rang. He mindlessly picked it up, eyes still on his book.
“What in the HELL was that about?” came the familiar voice of Tim Burton over the phone.
“You sound a little…irritable,” Johnny commented, setting his book aside.
“I just read something very interesting,” the director continued, ignoring his previous comment. “A porn movie?? With me? What in the HELL!”
Johnny sat for a second or two staring off into space, digesting the words, until he fell into a mad fit of giggles.
“What! Johnny, this isn’t funny…come on!” Tim insisted on the other line. “I’m going to hang up on you.”
“No!” Johnny managed. “Nono. I’m sorry…” He was trying to get his laughter under control. “Where did you read that?”
“One of my understudies came in and pointed it out to me in some magazine,” Tim grumbled.
Johnny fell into another small fit of laughter. “I was joking!”
There was silence on the other line.
“You were joking?”
“Okay. I guess I’ll talk to you later then.”
Johnny raised an eyebrow, “O…kay.”
Johnny sat in silence after he flipped his phone shut. That was odd…it was almost like he didn’t want him to be joking.
Tim was so odd sometimes.
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